Somewhere in the Mojave desert, 3pm

Why the bloody hell did I accept an invite to a party in the middle of bloody nowhere?

Jameela cursed herself as she sat outside the gas station, all dolled up for what Kristen had assured her was a must be seen at party. The inconvenient truth, however, was that the party was happening in what appeared to be an abandoned World War II air hanger, in the middle of the desert.

So, Jameela had set off early. What she’d not realised, however, was that her Uber driver would insist on taking the ‘scenic’ route. They were an hour into the journey, when the fuel gauge started flagging, and the driver insisted that they pull over for a refill.

Things had taken a turn for the worse when, after filling up, the mechanic at the station insisted that the car wasn’t sounding healthy, and that really he should take a look underneath the bonnet.

Exhausted and exasperated in the heat of the desert, Jameela took a seat, praying for the ordeal to be over soon, so that she could get to the party.

Secret party location, 8pm

Kristen checked her watch. It’s not like Jameela to be late… she mused. 

Oh well, I’m sure she’s fine. Kristen let the worry pass, and waved at D’Arcy, who’d just arrived at the party.

Gas station backroom, Mojave desert, 10pm

“Alright, Dave, leave off! It’s my turn on this stupid mindless bitch now…”

“Hnnnnnhhhh….I’m cumming!”

Dave sprayed his seed over Jameela’s bare tits. Her eyes were blank white orbs. 

Mike smiled, pulling Jameela’s hair, tight, so that she was forced to move across the room, before picking up her prone body, and impaling her on his hard cock.

“Come here, Jammy-slut. You’re gonna make me a fortune in blowjobs for weary customers stopping off for some gas…”

“Yes, Master. Thank you, Master. I’m your gulping gas station whore now. I serve and I obey only you, Master.”

In Jameela’s mind, she’s still sitting there, outside the gas station, waiting for the journey to continue. The inconvenient truth, however, is that she’s currently being kept naked, chained to a water pipe in the backroom of the gas station, being whored out to provide extra income for the scam Mike and Dave are running. She’s nothing more than a blank, mindless fuckdoll, and her friends Kristen and D’Arcy are blissfully unaware of her fate.