If you’d told me a few days ago that i’d be a loving sex slave to my psychology professor, i probably would have laughed you out of the room. The very idea of being a sex slave to anyone would have been hilarious enough, but i had a particular disdain for Professor Williams.

i used to think He was really creepy and i got the chills every time He looked at me during a lecture. Now whenever He glances my way, i spread my legs wider apart so He can see His property – my bald, wet cunt still drooling with His tasty ball juice.

It all happened rather suddenly. i’d gone to His office to discuss a grade i’d gotten which i felt was totally unfair given the amount of time and effort i’d put into it. He told me His grading scheme was absolutely fine and happened to have a video explaining how He came up with my grade.

i sat and watched it for a minute, listening to Him explain in His calm, soothing voice why i was wrong. Two minutes passed. Then ten. Then an hour, and then i don’t know how much time had passed but, when the video stopped, i felt much better about the decisions He’d made for me, and i knew not to question them.

i stared at the blank screen as i gathered my thoughts and took my hand out of my soaked panties.

“Does it all make sense to you now?” He asked as He put a hand on my shoulder.

“Yes, Sir. Perfectly!” i replied with a smile as i looked up at Him, feeling incredibly starstruck. Everything was crystal clear to me now.

“Good. And now, do you have any questions for me?” He asked.

“Yes, Sir.” i began, without thinking as i licked my lips. “Would You like me to suck Your cock?”

He didn’t reply. Instead He moved His hand to the back of my head as He pulled His dick out of His trousers. i slid down onto my knees, letting Him guide mmy mouth in the rhythm He wanted – deep and slow.

i couldn’t tell you how long i sucked for or whether He came in my mouth or on my face, but the next thing i remember, i was back in my dorm room, packing a weekend bag before heading to His house which i somehow knew by rote.

There, He spent the next few days fucking me as i watched videos that always left my feeling happy and fuzzy.

The Professor has helped me to understand that i’m not enough for Him, and that He’d like more women to become His girlfriend. i think that’s a wonderful idea, and i can’t wait to help Him find and fuck other hot women.