“I told you that if we worked together, we would be so powerful that we’d even make Captain Alpha our bitch,” said Mynx between hot, wet kisses with Piledriver.

“With your brains and my cock, nothin’ can stop us, babe,” Piledriver grunted as he slammed his hips into the captive heroine.

“You must… ugh … stop … oooh … Please! … Ohmigod! Ohmigod! Oh! OH! … Danger!” Captain Alpha pleaded as erotic energy coursed through her firm Quimtonian body. She drew power from sex, but the two villains together were something she was not prepared for. Piledriver’s massive shaft created an erotic charge that rocked her body and drowned her with power and lust. Mynx’s sensuous touch kept Captain Alpha desperately craving more pleasure, and kept her from controlling her willpower, or her superpowers.

Already her body crackled with more power than she had ever held, and Piledriver was just warming up. Captain Alpha knew her orgasm might flatten half the city, might ignite the atmosphere, might burn her entire body to ash.

But the cock felt so good.

The hand felt so right.

Her captivity felt so hot.

“Please … ugh … fuck me harder!” the sex-drunk heroine screamed. Nothing mattered but the sex. The touch. The fuck.


Her lust was the last thing Captain Alpha knew for a long time.

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