I knew my blind date was a bit crazy, but she was so hot, I didn’t quite care. All night she had been telling me that she had superpowers, but I didn’t believe her. I’d already run her identity through the Libido League crime computers before I accepted the date.

To be honest, I was too busy mentally undressing her to listen to most of what she said.

When we finally got back to my place and started making out, I thought it was weird that she wouldn’t let me touch her pussy. “I want you naked before you feel its nectar,” she said. She was such a passionate kisser, I let it pass.

When she had me naked on my belly and slowly slid her hips over my ass, I felt it. A single drop of hot liquid lust rubbed over my ass cheeks, and I nearly came right then. My whole body glowed with arousal, and with a desperate desire to please her. Nothing else mattered.

“Now that I’ve got your attention, Sammie Sims,” she whispered in my ear, “I should mention that my name is Verdant. You’re going to help to enslave the Libido League, aren’t you, Sammie?”

“Yes, Verdant,” I moaned, shuddering with pleasure. Now which of us sounded like the madwoman?

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