“Yes, Marionette!” I said between gasps of pleasure, “Thank you for plunging your sexy fingers into my snatch and making me your sex puppet. I love it so much.”

That’s not what I wanted to say, mind you. Those were Marionette’s words, not mine.
My lips weren’t lying about the “puppet” part.

“I know you love it,” Marionette replied. “But I don’t even know your name. Whatever shall I call you?”

I wanted to say I’m Sammie Sims, a supporting member of the Libido League and you are going to pay for this! But Marionette’s power wasn’t about to let me say that, either.

”You can call me ‘Fucktoy,’ Marionette,” I babbled. Somehow, the less I wanted to say a word, the more aroused I felt when I said it. “Because my body is only a toy for you to fuck yourself with.” Saying those things made me very hot indeed.

“Well, Fucktoy, if that’s all you’re good for, you’d better get started,” Marionette said.

My lips kissed her passionately. My fingers fondled her tender breasts. My hips thrust against her commanding hand. The more I accepted her puppetry, the more pleasure washed over me. Every moan of lust she parroted from my throat made my body sing with bliss.

By the time her fingers brought me to a powerful orgasm screaming her name, I didn’t even know if it was a real climax, or a puppet climax. They were one and the same.

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