Being a hero was difficult.  Sunstar had just started her career.  Foiled a bank heist, broken up a few crime rings, had just started putting her name out there.  

All the while, she avoided certain areas.  There were certain unwritten rules in the Hero game and she’d been well versed in them by her sponsor, Ms. Mettle. One of those little, unwritten rules was to never be at Dock 18 after midnight on the weekends.   

Sunstar wasn’t just an ordinary super, though.  She was immune to all ballistic weapons.  Enhanced agility, speed, and the gift of flight made her a top tier super, sure to be A class.  Once she’d established herself.  And what better way to establish herself then to conquer a zone where other supers feared to tread.  

That’s why Sunstar came to be at Dock 18 at 2am on a Sunday morning.  And that’s where she found out why supers never came to Dock 18.  Because He was there.  

Being a slave was so easy.  Bunni had just started her life as one.  Performed a sexy dance for her Master’s clients a couple of times.  A few victory blowjobs after He had completed another caper or two.  She’d just started to really put her name out there as a standout in his harem.  

As a slave, Bunni knew the importance of rules. She’d learned that, what seemed like a lifetime ago.  Back when she first met Master.  Back when she’d thought she was something special.  Bunni knew now that she was nothing special.  She was a hole, a hole only He could fill.  Only He made her happy.  Only He could give her what she really wanted.  Bunni was happy to follow all the rules now.  Bunni was a good slave.  

Nice description of proud, ambitious heroine turned into proud, ambitious sex minion! Nicely done, @thechaosfactors