Vibra hated staying still. The speedster could break the sound barrier without breaking a sweat, but her powers made it a challenge for her to stop moving.

Shackled with some sort of high-tech cuffs that kept her from phasing through them, Vibra had endured weeks of the featureless white room, unable to go anywhere.

Well, it was more like twenty minutes, but to Vibra, it felt like weeks.

When the door opened, the heroine was delighted to see another human face, any face. Even the cold, beautiful face of the supervillainess Lashlust.

“I’ve never been happier to see a criminal in my life!” Vibra exclaimed. “Look, let me out of here and I won’t turn you in. I’ll lick you to orgasms like you wouldn’t believe at supersonic speed. I’ll help put the rest of the Libido League off your trail. Just let me out!” She pleaded, straining against the shackles.

Lashlust grinned. “Oh, you’ll do all that and more, but only after you belong to me.”

“Look, I’m trying to go easy on y—oooooohhhhh!” Vibra’s words dissolved into a long, low moan as Lashlust slid her enhanced riding crop across the speedster’s skin.

“Yes, you like that, you little superheroic slut! If you want to feel that again, you’re going to stand still and be quiet!” Lashlust snapped.

As she trembled with desire, Vibra thought she could learn to like staying still.

Or, at least, lust after it.

–requested by @chasingtherabb1t

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