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Her own perfume had been driving her mad all night. It had smelled so
wonderful in the shop, she’d bought it immediately. As soon as she got
home, she put some on, and it smelled even better.

She spritzed herself again, reveling in how good it smelled, how hot it made her feel. And that was scary, so she put down the bottle and went to wash it off… but she got distracted while she was undressing, unable to  resist stroking her fingers over her newly sensitive, tingling skin. The smell of the perfume filled her head with fuzzy pleasure, and she couldn’t help but want more or remember why it was a bad idea.

She spritzed herself yet again, right in the face, letting the powerful smell fill her nostrils, her brain. She lolled her head back in bliss and lust, shuddering at the pleasure of it, desperate to be touched.

She didn’t notice the sound of a car in her driveway, a door opening and closing. But she did notice when the perfume-maker stepped into the room. She almost managed to form a question, but he spritzed her with another bottle just like the one in her hands, and all thought faded away.

After that there was only pleasure.

Model: Hayden Panettiere

Source: Lush Magazine