New Computer

I ran to the door when I heard the doorbell ring. After days of waiting, I would finally have a computer to replace the one I broke the week before. I was writing my captions in the corner of the library, when I got up to get a coffee. When I came back, my laptop was cracked, and there was a note attached. “Sorry I was careless. Your new computer is on me. -Jeff”

So I emailed the address he left on the back, and I had a new computer within the week. I had the draft I was working on open right away, a caption about a transformation into a petite blonde.

I was so distracted by how well the computer worked that I didn’t notice the hair growing down my face.

I left the story right at the point of the transformation, and was trying to decide how the character would react. Hmmm. “Before he even noticed, the hair had reached his shoulders, and his features had become more feminine”, I typed, “he finally realized when he felt small breasts budding from his chest, but mental changes already took hold. His reaction might have been fear at one point, but now a sense of calm ans curiosity was mixed in with the confusion.”

As I finished typing, I felt a tingle in my chest and small breasts began to tent out my shirt. In shock, I reached up to feel the lipstick that now stained my lips and the hair that had secretly crept along my scalp.

My manicured hands went back to the keyboard as I considered my options. I knew I could easily type a paragraph and transform back to a man, so I made up my mind to let the fantasy play out.

“Her breasts grew larger to fill a professional blouse that still managed to display her deep cleavage to her co-workers”, I wrote.

My walls shimmered and shook, pushing outward to make room for more desks and workstations. I felt my tight, white T-shirt creep up my arms to reveal more of my feminine form. My hair pulled back into a neat ponytail to reflect my new environment. As I watched the changes in front of me, I couldn’t help but smile. Large breasts pushed against the fabric of a bra, ballooning outward until the deep cleavage I imagined protruded from my chest. My whole body felt softer and more feminine.

As the changes slowed, new memories of working in a row of cubicles with my longtime co-workers flooded into my mind.

“Hmmm. Now what kind of woman do I want to be”, I wondered aloud as I imagined the women I identified with in my life.

I went back to typing, “She managed to work her way up the company ladder using her charisma and serious and sometimes silly nature. She was the only woman in the office, so her co-workers often came to her for advice. Before long she was in charge of everyone’s pay raises as Head of HR.”

I hit enter while wondered what my new swanky office would look like. Already, memories of my rise we’re entering my brain. To my surprise, my clothes began to shimmer and grow tighter around my body, revealing more skin as the fabric diminished. I rushed to read over what I had written to find that some words had been replaced. No matter what I tried, I watched as my computer continued to replace the words with every attempt to fix them. “Serious” became “sensuous” and “silly” was “slutty.” “Arousal” took the place of “advice”, and “pay raises” was always “pleasure.”

In a rush to overcome the rapid changes and put my story back on track, I typed, “she always had IT on speed dial for when problems arose.” I sighed relief when I saw the air shimmer, and a phone receiver appeared in my hand.

“Okay, Kelly. What is it this time”, a deep voice booked through the phone, “we don’t have time to deal with your problems all the time, ya know.”

Aggravated, I quickly typed, “and they would do anything for her.”

“But you know we love to see your smile”, the voice continued, “Jeff will be right over.”

I put the phone down and thought through my options while I waited for help to arrive. Soon, I heard a voice saying, “You turned out great, Kelly. I love your characters, but I never thought I’d see one in real life.

I spun around, face beat red, to face him. “You’re THAT Jeff. The computer you sent me is broken!”

Before I could continue, he was already at the computer.

“Wait. What are you doing”, I asked as I reached out to pull him back.

“The only man Kelly hadn’t seduced yet was Jeff, and it drove her crazy with lust”, he typed.

I tried to pull him back harder, but I couldn’t budge him. Even as I did, I could feel a sense of warmth spread through my body and butterflies flittered in my stomach.

“I wasn’t even sure this would work, you know”, he told me as he continued typing, “I spent a lot of time looking through your writing, and I still wasn’t sure that the story world would place me in your office.”

I felt lightheaded as images and memoriea of seducing my boss flashed before my eyes. His thick cock and our sweaty bodies pressed up against his office door.

Between thoughts, I caught glimpses of what Jeff was typing, and I tried my best to pull him away again. All the while, I could feel my thighs begin to slicken as a felt the heat of his body close to mine, but I did my best to fight it.

“P please stop”, I wimpered, but I couldn’t stop myself from pressing my arm against my breast to make my tits look bigger. I even thought I heard myself moan when I brushed my arm against his.

Despite my pleas, Jeff continued to type. “Kelly hatched a final plan. If Jeff wouldn’t take the hints, she would take fate into her own hands. The time had finally come, and her arousal peaked as she imagi Ed finally getting to see Jeff’s cock on her tiny, manicured hands.

“Jeff. I need you to look at me”, I said. To my surprise, he finally stopped typing to look at me. “What do you need, ma’am”, he asked as he looked me in the eyes.“

"I need this to end.” I reached forward to the computer, but I found myself fumbling with his belt instead of the mouse.

I had imagined this moment a million times. I know I had. So it didn’t make sense to let a few computer problems get in the way of my plan. He froze as I pulled his already hard cock from his pants and ran my tongue over the tip.

“You really do have a thick prick, Jeffy”, I giggled. I watched as Jeff let out a sharp breath, and I smiled knowing that even Jeff had fallen right into my trap.

I worked the head of his cock with my mouth, feeling it stiffen more until it was quivering in my grasp. “Oh baby”, I cooed at him, “you’re already about to cum.”

As I finished talking, he turned his torso away from me and went back to the computer. I was so angry at his arrogance that I almost told him to screw himself, but as soon as he turned back to me, I couldn’t stay angry at him.

“I think I can keep going”, he said with a laugh.

I looked up at the man of my dreams, and decided that I would be his dream girl to. I slowly rose to my feet and strip the skirt from my waist.

“Lay back, stud”, I said as I pushed him back into my desk chair. I could see the list building in his eyes as he gazed over my big tits and tight body.

As he laid back, his cock glistened from where my tongue had traced it’s outline, one of my favorite things to see. As I climbed on top of him, his cock slid easily into my sopping wet pussy, and I was quickly able to ride him up and down.

I giggled to myself as I debated if I would let him cum inside me or force him to work for the honor. A familiar wave hit me, as an orgasm overcame my body and I squirted onto Jeff’s cock. I used to be embarrassed by it, but I learned that it turns a lot of guys on.

Soon after I came down from my own pleasure, I felt Jeff driving deeper inside of me, sending shivers through my whole body.

I couldn’t think straight as orgasms crashed through my whole being, but I continued to friend my hips against him in hopes that I would soon be rewarded. His grunts and breaths gave me my cue, and I quickly dismounted. I could barely remember the taste of a real man’s juices, and my cravings for him lead me to my decision.

As I stroked him fast and fondeled his engorged balls, he looked down at me and smirked. “I’m going to have to take your computer for repairs”, he said.

I sighed and shook my head as I continued my work. “Shut up, nerd”, I smirked back, “all you need to do is cum for me.”

As his cum splashed across my face and tits, and down into my waiting mouth, I could already to see Jeff packing to leave. I would have been offended, but now that I had collected all the men in the office, I was already planning my next HR recruitment drive.

Slutty Kelly’s captions need a bump! She is fucking hot and I love this one in particular. So bitchy and sexy… Xxx