“I don’t believe you need to think anymore,” he said, letting his pants slide to the floor and his erect cock spring out from the confines of his restrictive clothing. “Do you?” His voice was calm, confident, a husky purr that sent shivers arousal down her spine… but it was his cock that she couldn’t stop staring at.

“I–” There was a moment of… not hesitation, exactly. She wanted this, she loved it, she spent all week daydreaming about how good it would feel to get out of town for the weekend and meet with him at his country cottage and let him fuck her brains out. There wasn’t an iota of uncertainty in her mind. It was more of a shifting of gears, the sudden and dawning awareness that she experienced anew every time she surrendered to him. The understanding that this wasn’t entirely a game. She was genuinely conditioned to melt into a mindless trance whenever she saw his cock. It was real. She always paused for just a moment as that sank in before she murmured, “No sir. I don’t need to think anymore.”

He smiled gently, but she only noticed it out of the corner of her eye. Her attention was occupied elsewhere. “You only need to stare at my cock and sink deeper,” he growled, barely suppressed lust dripping from every word. She noticed her hands reaching up to stroke his stiff, throbbing shaft, but it was in the same distant way that you sometimes noticed someone passing through the room when you were engrossed in a fascinating story. Her body would do whatever it was commanded to do while she was like this; she didn’t need to think about it, or anything else.

She only… “I only need to stare at your cock, sir,” she sighed helplessly, hearing her voice relax into a drone of mindless bliss. “And sink deeper.” Her cunt was tingling with pleasure, every stroke of his shaft echoing within her own body as she played with his erect cock. It was another part of her conditioning, one that she remembered with the utmost joy during the week when she was eagerly anticipating her next hypnotic session with him. Pleasing her Master pleased her. Every time. Always. It made it so much easier for him to program her.

“You love my cock,” he purred, guiding her closer so she could kiss and nuzzle the tip as she stroked. She didn’t stop using her hands–she knew that one of the things that pleased Master most was hearing her hypnotized voice repeating his instructions–but she let her tongue slide out to give him tiny kitten licks as he went on in a voice growing less and less steady with every passing moment. “Every time… you see it, you become empty. And obedient.”

She nodded mindlessly, not even realizing she was doing it. “I love your cock, Master,” she said softly, her trance deepening with every word and every stroke. “Every time I see it, I become empty and obedient.” She could feel it twitching under her fingers, and she increased her pace and waterfalled one hand over the other in a constant motion. She needed him to come. She needed to feel it. There would be more pleasure, she knew, a whole weekend’s worth. But she was a good girl and she needed to make her Master come now.

And he did. “T-that’s it, g-good girl,” he gasped, jets of pearly semen splashing onto her chin and chest. “Good girl, deeper and deeper, mmmmm…” He leaned back, his cock beginning to soften as he panted in almost-astonished pleasure. But she knew exactly how to make him hard again. She fixed her gaze on his penis and began to slowly tease herself, her stare becoming fixed and glassy as she let herself surrender completely to his hypnotic spell.

“I don’t need to think,” she moaned, as the pleasure truly began. “I only need to stare at your cock…”

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