Alexis had given her sexy friend Yvette a string of pearls, just as Master had suggested. She was shocked when Yvette returned them the next day with a shameful blush on her cheeks, but a resolute look in her eye. No one could possibly resist the seductive power of the pearls, Alexis thought. No one would want to!

“I’m so sorry you don’t like the gift,” Alexis said. “You must let me cook you dinner to make up for it. You simply must.”

Alexis made sure that Yvette’s wine glass was never empty. Once her words started to slur, Alexis showed off the collection of pearls that Master had shared with her. Yvette couldn’t take her eyes from the lustrous little orbs and the sensuous way they danced across Alexis’s skin.

Yet, somehow, she still refused to wear them. Alexis had to drape several heavy strings around Yvette’s slim throat herself. Between her airy sighs, Yvette still struggled, her hands stripping off her own clothes in their clumsy attempts to pull the pearls from her neck.

Once a sturdy string of pearls bound Yvette’s hands behind her back, the beauty grew still. Eyes closed, her face was still set, as if she were trying to wake herself from a particularly delicious dream.

Alexis knew that as soon as Master arrived, Yvette would never want to wake up again.

—suggested by @pearlqueensposts

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