U4ia watched as her team mate Lodestone slid her hand into her own damp cleft. The gynoid superheroine matched the motion, inch-for-inch.

“Thank you for your lesson on human sexual arousal patterns,” U4ia said. “It is most stimulating.”

“It’s no–ooooh. It’s no trouble,” Lodestone replied. The mighty magnetic maiden had originally been surprised by U4ia’s request. The artificial woman, although obviously fully functional, had never expressed any sexual interest in her before. Something about U4ia’s beautiful, sculpted cheekbones, and wide, innocent gaze sent butterflies flapping in Lodestone’s stomach. Even though the request was outlandish, she couldn’t bring herself to refuse.

“Please show me an orgasm now,” U4ia said, her tone eerily steady. At that instant, Lodestone’s body convulsed with waves of bliss, as a sudden orgasm washed over her. She had never cum so quickly before.

“H-H-How?” Lodestone stuttered through the aftershocks.

“Your super powers make you sensitive to magnetic fields. As I alter my own magnetic field, I am able to change your emotional state,” U4ia replied. “I can make you feel what I wish you to feel. Such close calibration is vital for my understanding of human sexual arousal.”

Lodestone pulled her hand from her pussy, horrified. “That’s wrong, U4ia. You shouldn’t manipulate people like that.”

“Your reluctance is unfortunate … but manageable,” U4ia replied, her fingers still working her artificial clit in perfect circles. “Please show me another orgasm now.

Lodestone shuttered with ecstasy. How could she convince the gynoid that this was so wrong, when it felt so right?

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