Clair was dreaming.

It was strange that was the first thing she was aware of, before she was even sure what she was dreaming about. But she had been dreaming before she noticed. It was as if she had blacked in to the middle of her dream or just joined it in progress.

Well this is fun, Clair thought. She wasn’t used to lucid dreams, but it seemed like a great chance to really enjoy herself. That was part of the fun of dreams and fantasies anyway. She could experience anything, try anything, do anything, have anything done to her, all without consequence.

She became aware that she was standing in a long hallway. There seemed to be something along the walls to either side and along the ceiling and floor, but her attention was focused towards the far end. There was a light coming from the end of the hall, dim and non-distinct. Somehow she knew that she needed to see more closely what it was.

Dream-Clair moved closer, effortlessly floating  down the hall. Slowly the source of the light became clearer. It was moving rhythmically, steadily drifting to and fro. Clair noticed for the first time that the light wasn’t only one color, but several, a softly shimmering rainbow which mixed from time to time into the pure white she had originally seen. It was still too faint to make out exactly. She needed to be closer. She was drawn to the light.

Clair couldn’t help but giggle at that thought. So it’s going to be that kind of dream, is it? Poor little innocent Clair being captivated by some hypnotic will-o’-the-wisp. Clair loved those dreams. That fantasy of having her mind taken against her will. And that was the wonderful thing about dreams. Dream-Clair could be captured by the lights. She could be enthralled. She could be enslaved. Mmm. Clair was really getting into this dream. Because dream-Clair could give in and waking Clair would be just fine.

At that moment the shapes which had been drifting along in shadow on all sides came into focus. They extended out from the light in the middle, tendrils snaking their way down and around the hall, spiraling around Clair. Spiraling…that was it. The lights were spinning round each other sending spirals of light down the hall. Spirals to ensnare her. Spirals to take away her mind. But the lights, the source of the hypnotic spiral Clair now found inescapable, was still so far away.

Clair wasn’t about to let a chance to be hypnotized by all-encompassing ghostly spinning lights go to waste. She strained to race towards them, but of course now she found her legs impossibly heavy, as if she were running in molasses. She needed to get closer. She knew she might wake up at any moment. Step by painstaking step she trudged forward, and with every step the power of the lights grew, and Clair knew the light was sinking that much deeper into her mind.

I’m having to fight so hard to let my mind be taken, Clair realized. Wearing down all my resistance just to get the chance for them to break me. So that I’ll be such easy prey when the time comes. That is so hot. Or dream-Clair would be, she remembered. It was okay that she wouldn’t be able to resist, that her mind would be taken from her completely. The waking Clair would be just fine. Now to get a little closer. To go a little  deeper…She could feel the power of the lights growing in her mind. She even thought she could hear the commands being whispered into her subconscious, rewriting her mind, although she couldn’t make out what they were. Closer and closer she moved, with the lights growing to fill more of her unconscious vision, more of her mind. And they were already so powerful, so irresistible. And Clair was already so weak and so susceptible, and growing weaker with every step closer…closer…deeper…Clair needed to give in more…to resist less…needed to submit to the…closer…deeper…the lights…needed to surrender…helpless…weak…the lights…spiraling…needed…to…obey…

Dream-Clair realized with a hazy satisfaction that it was already too late to resist. She didn’t need to think, didn’t need to do anything accept continue to move forward dumbly and let the lights into her mind. It was her perfect fantasy as the lights took away her mind and took away her will. She could feel herself grinning like an idiot as the lights enslaved her, binding her to her new owner. Dream-Clair had everything she could possibly want with none of the consequences. She just took it all in. Unable to resist, unable to disobey…

The pleasure that washed over dream-Clair as the lights did their work was exquisite. It was so satisfying to live out her every fantasy. As she found awareness returning to her, felt the lights pulling her toward a door in the side wall she had not previously noticed. She had to obey the lights. Gliding again she found herself at the door as it swung open revealing a darkened bedroom. Clair anticipated finding herself at the mercy of her new owner on that bed, being unable to resist serving them in whatever way they desired. Her body and mind claimed utterly and completely. Could this get any better?

Dream-Clair found herself inside the bedroom now, the door closed behind her, and she recognized that it was her bedroom. Real Clair’s that is. Awake Clair. And what was more, she was sleeping in the bed in front of dream-Clair. Dream-Clair was stunned momentarily, staring wide-eyed at the girl in the bed. That was her, awake her. Sleeping…Dreaming…dreaming this very dream? Then if she woke, this would all end? But Dream-Clair didn’t want it to end. She was enjoying the dream so much. She wanted to serve her new owner forever.

So absorbed was she in this train of thought that she didn’t immediately notice the figure next to the sleeper, leaning in close to whisper into her ear. But as soon as she saw them, she knew them. It was the one who controlled the lights, the one who had enslaved her dream self. It was her owner. They looked up from the peacefully sleeping form and looked dream-Clair right in the eyes. Dream-Clair knew instantly what was required of her. She had been ensnared, but waking Clair was still free. She found herself drifting to the other side of the bed, unable to look away from her owner. She needed to do something, needed to wake herself, needed to resist. But she had given away that ability, eagerly allowed her resistance to be drained. She had exhausted herself of all freedom just so the lights could take her that much more completely. And now she found herself, lips close to the ear of her waking self. Unable to resist, unable to disobey…

Her lips started moving, whispering words of seduction, knowing exactly what to tell herself to let her guard down. In the fantasy, dream-Clair could be enthralled without worry for her waking self. But now, the real her was being broken down just as deeply, just as completely. And dream-Clair couldn’t help but find it so exciting. Maybe that’s because deep down she really did want this for herself. Or maybe her, or rather, their, new owner wanted it to excite her. It didn’t really matter anymore. Dream-Clair barely had any existence of her own to begin with, and that had been conquered completely. What remained of her she was at this very moment helping to subdue.

Dream-Clair heard the girl writhe and moan on the bed in response to both her and her owner’s words. And the dream shook and shimmered for a moment with her. Dream-Clair would not exist much longer, but she had been commanded to enslave her waking self. And she could not resist. She could not disobey…

The words continued to pour over dream-Clair’s lips and into the ear of her sleeping self and, little by little, she saw the same transformation she had experienced manifested before her. Clair’s will was fading. She was completely entranced by the words pushing out her thoughts. And slowly she began to wake, and the world around dream-Clair began to slip away. Deeper and deeper she urged the sleeper, until she was lost to the control of her new owner. As dream-Clair and her world slipped away, she purred her final words into the mind of her fellow slave. “You are unable to resist. Unable to disobey…”

And then she was gone.

Clair’s eyes fluttered open, unseeing in the dark of early morning. Her body glistened with the sweat of arousal as she felt her new owner’s control tighten around her mind. She exhaled in ecstasy: “Unable to resist. Unable to disobey…”