I can’t believe this has to be said…

For a long-ass time, I’ve been a fan of D/S and hypnotism. With those kinks comes a large power split between dom and sub. I personally am a straight guy dom who has a straight girl sub. I’m completely fine with having substantial power over my female partner.

But for the love of Christ, can you stop talking about eradicating feminism?! Like how fucking stupid do you need to be to think that a “men are superior to woman” or that “women live only to serve”? We are all goddamn equal in worth, respect, and dignity. If a woman wants to submit to a man, that’s her right; but you don’t get to pull this pro-patriarchy bullshit. Feminism is about fighting for equality between the sexes and respect a woman’s decisions that she’s made.

So all you Men’s Rights Activists and supporters this misogynistic shit, you all can swear off. You’re not welcome here, you’re not welcome on Tumblr, you’re not welcome in society. Any place that has even the slightest shread of dignity will disown you.

Go to hell

Well said!

I am a feminist. I am submissive to Master and to Alouette.

I do not submit because I am inferior. I submit because I choose to and I choose to trust these two people and because we love, trust and value each other.

I do not submit because they are “better” than me or because I cannot cope without them. I submit because I think they are worth submitting to.

I give them my submission and they accept it because we love and respect and value each other.