“You bastard!“ Argent shouted. “You can’t do this to me, Tartarus! I’m still a superheroine. I will rip this piece of high-tech crap off my neck and shove down your throat.” Her super-strong fingers wrapped around the Compliance Necklace and its titanium shell began to squeal under the pressure.

“I’m sure you could, Argent,” Terence Tartarus replied coolly. “But you’re forgetting that your hands need to be on the floor. Palms down. Right now.”

Argent released the necklace. With all her strength, she couldn’t keep her hands from reaching down to the floor. “I will find a way to beat you yet, you bastard!” She glared hatefully up at the businessman/supervillain.

“I’m sure you could if you didn’t need to bow your head and tell me that you submit to my superior intellect. Right now.”

The heroine could not maintain eye contact with her foe. She stared dully at his three thousand dollar shoes and opened her mouth to insult him again. “I submit to your superior intellect, Terence Tartarus.”

She gasped. Tartarus chuckled. “Again.”

“I submit to your superior intellect, Terence Tartarus.”

Argent’s submission was just beginning…

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