Alanya caught sight of herself in the mirror, but her reflection made no sense. The warrior maiden’s memories were fuzzy, but she knew that she ought to be wearing more armor than this.

Alanya knew that these spare threads of chain were not going to help her defeat the sorceress Hecate. Their elegant curves would just draw the eye to Alanya’s own soft, delicate, inviting curves. She found her hands caressing her breast before she could quite stop herself. It felt good.

Gazing deeper into the mirror, Alanya saw how strong she would need to be to face down the power of Hecate. And yet, every wave of pleasure that flickered across her face weakened her resolve. The pleasure emanated from the mirror like a fire’s warmth on a winter night, too welcome to deny.

Alanya could see her soul in the mirror, it was strong as steel.

But even steel softened when the fires of arousal burned hot enough.

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