“I love the feel of your skin, Mynx, but I didn’t hire you to kiss me,” Honeysuckle gasped out between moans of passion. “I hired you to help me capture the Enchanter! It’s your fault if we fail.”

“It’s your fault, Honeysuckle! Your pheromones are too strong, your skin is too soft,” Mynx cooed as she ran her pleasure-enslaving hands over Honeysuckle’s ass. “It feels too good to touch you.”

“Actually, it’s my fault, ladies,” Enchanter chuckled as she stroked himself to the sight of the two passion-dazed villainesses before him. “It took quite a potent spell to turn your powers against each other, but it will be well worth it when you are both my supervillainess sex slaves. Which of you wants the first taste of your master’s magick cock?”

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