“Take my seed within
thine mortal vessel and our pact shall be complete,” intoned Demon
Prince Incubus.

The wicked sorceress
supervillainess Crimson Carnality had chanted and sacrificed for
three days straight to summon the otherworldly spirit of debauchery.
She knew that the Demon Prince wanted its own flesh upon the material
world, spawned of its seed. Crimson Carnality had bargained for
massive magickal power in exchange for voluntarily taking that seed
into her body.

As Incubus fixed its
six sexy eyes upon her, Crimson Carnality felt her body consumed with
desire. She had never wanted to be fucked this bad. Instantly, her
cunt was dripping wet and her thighs seemed to spread of their own

But that was not her

As Demon Prince
Incubus lunged forward with his infernal phallus, Crimson Carnality
moved and caught the accursed shaft between her lips. Sucking with
all her skill, she soon tasted his salty seed on her tongue.
Swallowing it, she smiled at the Demon Prince. “I have fulfilled
the letter of our pact. You must grant me power, but you’ll get no
demonic hellspawn from my womb.”

The otherworldly
seducer laughed. “Perhaps no hellspawn, but your flesh will mine
own upon the world of crude matter. Know you not the curse that the
demonseed bears?”

Crimson Carnality’s
throat felt hot. Sexually hot. Her belly burned with lust. The heat
spread through her every inch of flesh. Desperately longing. Awash in
sensation. Needing one thing to cum:

To serve Incubus in
all things.

–For @meleager

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