U4ia, the artificial
woman, had been at dinner with the Secretary General when she felt
the twinge, deep inside. Immediately, discussing the
subtleties of diplomacy held no meaning for her. She had to explore
this new feeling welling up inside her. So pleasurable. So sensuous.
So irresistable.

Excusing herself, U4ia
hurried to the ladies’ room. Although she had no biological need of
the facilities, the synthetic superheroine desired privacy for her

U4ia quickly learned
that refraining from movement made the sensation better. Much better.
Shoulders back, legs spread, tits out maximized the pleasurable
feedback tingling through her circuits.

Her state of mind also
seemed to affect the delicious sensations. Engaging more high-level
reasoning caused the intensity of the feeling to diminish. And U4ia
didn’t want that. She quickly shut off as much of her brain as she
could, feeling her mind go quiet, open, suggestible.


# # #

When Sergeant Sexsmith
slipped into the ladies’ room, he was delighted to find a beautiful
gynoid, paralyzed and ready for programming. His specially-coded
submission virus had worked perfectly. U4ia’s days as a
superheroine were confined to her archived memory files. Sexsmith had
far more wicked plans for the artificial woman. And like the
pleasure-addicted slut the virus had made her, U4ia would lust for
the ability to obey him!

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