Dr. Mona MacFukkart knew she had to study the powers of supervillains if she were ever to rehabilitate them to rejoin society.

She had been observing the supervillain called the Hedonist remotely for several weeks. She needed more data, so Dr. MacFukkart began observing him directly, from outside his cell.

When she still couldn’t discern the secret of his power, Dr. MacFukkart moved closer, observing him stroke himself from just a few feet away.

She knew she was getting closer to an answer. Something was simply distracting her. Mona sighed as she slipped out of her clothing to allow her to focus on scientific research.

As her leg bounced and her pussy pulsed in time with the Hedonist’s hand on his shaft, Mona could feel the lust for discovery burning hot in her flesh. A few more strokes and she would submit to the wave of insight! As her body trembled in the throes of orgasm, Mona shouted, “I obey you, Hedonist.”

It wasn’t the breakthrough she was looking for, but serendipity surely had its place in science … and submission.

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