Doctor Q, the Enchantress Exemplar of Earth, was used to casting demons out of other people’s bodies. When the presence of Asmodea, demon queen of vengeful lust, first brushed Doctor Q’s awareness, it was like a sudden rush of desire. Her skin flushed, her eyelids fluttered, her heart beat faster. Not understanding the implication, she put her hand to her head to try to clear the cobwebs.

The second pang of Asmodea’s lust was like every sensation of an hour’s foreplay compressed into a single second. Doctor Q’s back arched, her nipples strained toward the ceiling, her voice moaned passionately. While she knew this was unnatural, Doctor Q could not bring herself to focus on a counter spell. Asmodea’s touch felt so good. Something deep inside of her craved the bliss offered by the demon queen, regardless of price.

Doctor Q knew that when Asmodea’s third touch came, she wouldn’t be able to stop the demon queen from possessing her body. She had the power, but with such ecstasy offered, Doctor Q could not bring herself to want to stop the possession.

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