“Of course you will remember yourself from before the conditioning,” the Seductress whispered in Sable’s ear. Her breath caressed the heroine’s cheek with a wave of submissive bliss.

“Of course you’ll long to resist my commands. You’re too much of a ‘hero’ to simply give in.”

Sable wanted to pull away from the Seductress’s skilled, commanding fingers, but she could not get her body to move. The heroine told herself that the collar was controlling her body.

“Oh, yes. You’ll fight. But you’ll lose. As desperately as you’ll long to resist me,  you’ll crave the pleasure of obedience more.”

Sable’s body shook in the throes of orgasm. She knew the heroine she had been would never submit.

But the heroine he had been hadn’t ever cum like that before.

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