Oh Snap!

As quickly as snapping
her fingers, Libidos squeezed the Yinfiniti Phallus buried deep in her
dripping crease. Awash in the cosmic power of bliss, reality itself
unraveled and was rewoven.

As easily as snapping her fingers, Libidos wiped
away the inhibitions of half the universe. Awash in the desire for
pleasure alone, trillions of sentient beings fucked and rubbed,
jerked and shuddered, topped and floated in subspace.

As carelessly as snapping her fingers, Libidos appraised the beauty of her former greatest foes. Doctor Q, wrapped
in a spell of submission and lust that even her sorcery could not
break. U4ia, the artificial woman whose body had cradled a shard of
the Ynfiniti Phallus within its womb. Captain Alpha, the strongest of
all, craving nothing more than the ecstasy of presenting as a slave
for sex goddess Libidos.

She had done it. It may have cost everything, but
she had done it!

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