“I know, sweetie girl.” Becca’s voice was a soft, lilting coo in Jenny’s ears, registering not as words but as the sensation of sound. “You’re so close, aren’t you? So close to that place beyond obedience, that space in your head where following my commands isn’t just automatic but eager. So close to true devotion.” Jenny didn’t respond. She simply stared blankly into space, her expression perfectly devoid of thought as Becca fucked her from behind with the strap-on.

“Such a good girl, I know you can do it.” Becca stroked the back of Jenny’s neck as she rocked her hips back and forth, pounding the fake cock into Jenny’s dripping cunt hard enough to drive every last thought out of Jenny’s pleasure-saturated brain. “Just let that beautiful mind of yours open up to me, let my words become your thoughts until all you want to do is please me. Until you love to be my deeply hypnotized slave.” Jenny’s head swayed forward on her shoulders, the rhythm of Becca’s thrusts lulling her deeper into trance.

“You’re so open now, pretty pet.” Jenny was drooling now, her mind and body so relaxed that she shook like a rag doll under the force of Becca’s thrusts. “Open to my words, open to my programming, open to my cock. Every time I fuck your pretty cunt, your mind accepts my instructions that much more deeply. That much more naturally. Until the moment when you realize you want to be my slave.” Jenny didn’t nod, didn’t moan, didn’t whimper even as orgasm after orgasm wracked her body with spasms of bliss. She was too deep for that.

“Almost there, my beautiful girl.” Becca reached down and found Jenny’s clit with her fingers, rubbing relentlessly right on the sensitive nub. “Just see that place in your mind, the part of you that loves me and loves to be owned by me. Imagine the pleasure guiding you to it, like a beacon in that empty little brain of yours. It’s all you can see now. It’s all you can think about now. One last big cum for me, and you’re there. One… two…” Becca slid all the way into Jenny’s pussy, grinding, rubbing, fucking her until the onslaught of ecstasy melted Jenny’s mind completely.

“Three.” Jenny’s body sagged into Becca’s arms, her muscles simply melting into immobility as the pleasure filled her entire mind. She’d never cum this hard in her life. Possibly no one had. The sheer overwhelming bliss bound her will to Becca more thoroughly than any chains ever could. She quivered all over, the only visible sign of the profound transformation warping her every thought into a new pattern of perfect devotion to Becca’s will.

Finally, she looked behind her. She saw Becca’s face. And slowly, dreamily, she smiled. In that instant, Becca knew it had worked.

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