Everything was so simple now.

He had knocked on her door and told her that he had good news just for her. She’d been skeptical at first, he seemed like just another door to door missionary. But then he offered something no other traveling preacher did: proof. Just give him a moment of her attention and time. That’s all he needed to show her the way to true happiness.

“Why not?” she had thought. She agreed and invited him in.

“True happiness comes from the simple things in life,” he told her. “Modern life is so full of complications and problems. Things that get in the way of your happiness.”

He asked to see her phone. Puzzled, but curious, she handed him her Android phone. He opened it and shook his head. “See? Far too many apps. Far too many complications that jeopardize your happiness. Happiness is simplicity. Here, watch this.” He handed her back a phone he pulled from his bag. An older style flip phone. A flick of his wrist and it popped open. He showed her the screen. “See? No apps. No complications. Just simplicity.”

There was something on the screen. Some colors, a pattern, something. She tried to look away, but stopped when she heard his voice, “no, you promised your attention. Just keep looking.”

She watched the small screen as it flickered from one color to another. All the while he spoke to her, asking her questions. She answered without thinking, her attention fully on the screen.

With a *snap* the phone closed. She blinked in confusion as the visual stimulus was taken away. “Do you understand now? How simplifying your life will make you happy?”

She did. She understood exactly what he was talking about now. She agreed to go with him, to leave her old life and her complications behind. To Simplify.

Everything was simple now. Life was easier now. She didn’t have to worry about clothes anymore. She didn’t have to worry about her job or her bills. Everything was provided for her. All she had to do was relax and enjoy the pleasures of being a Fallen. He was right, true happiness came from the simple things in life. And nothing was more Simple than she was now.

Everyone needs more Simplicity in their lives.