He didn’t want to break her will. It was useful, after all. You wouldn’t break a strong and powerful tool just because it wasn’t serving your purposes in its current form. No, he wanted her will entirely intact. It was just a question of reshaping it. He wanted to forge her mind into a new pattern, a strong and submissive form that would devote all her purpose to pleasing him. And like all the best smiths, he knew just how to work with the materials he was given.

And like all the best metal, she needed to be heated to become malleable. He teased her body with all the diligence and patience of a craftsman, spending hours studying her moans and whimpers until he knew exactly how to touch her to melt her into a white-hot puddle of lust. It was certainly enjoyable for its own sake–she let out the most adorable little gasps when he stroked her clit in just the right way–but each caress served to soften her mind more and more deeply until it could be shaped and molded.

And then he whispered to her. Not to break, but to bend. He was careful to apply just as much pressure as she could bear, teasing her until she was aching to do whatever he asked and then asking only for what she was willing to give. He showed her how much pleasure her body was capable of, if only she let go of her thoughts and her worries and devoted herself to pleasing him, and soon she eagerly dived into that blank, compliant state where her mind melted into blissful obedience. She noticed her mind was bending, twisting into the shape of an enraptured slave to his will… but you couldn’t spell ‘enraptured’ without ‘rapture’, and his was addictive.

Their sessions became nightly, lasting longer and longer into the evening as his whispers fell onto her mind like the blows of a hammer and shifted her thoughts into new shapes for him. All her strength was turned to submission, her focus and concentration and determination reoriented into finding ways to deepen her own conditioning. She learned over those long, drowsy nights of bliss just how few limits she truly had when it came to submission, and just how good it felt to explore surrender with him.

It was when she came just from sucking his cock that she realized how much power he truly had over her. When he slid his shaft deep into her mouth, all the way down until she was swallowing it effortlessly and taking every thrust with an ecstatic ease, she felt the pleasure just like he was fucking her dripping cunt. Her eyes rolled back in her head with mindless bliss, the deep purple of her eye-shadow contrasting vividly with the whites of her eyes as the pleasure overwhelmed her and she felt her climax hit. It didn’t stop her from continuing her blowjob–she kept going with the thoughtless, instinctive devotion of an obedient slave until she felt his cum shooting down her throat in jets–but she stopped thinking after her first orgasm. It felt so beautiful it was almost profound.

She wasn’t broken. She was strong, whole, complete and every inch herself. But she was his now. And she couldn’t imagine wanting anything else.

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