“Seriously, Dave?” Becky put her best ‘I am so unimpressed with her bullshit’ stare on, the one she used on Ryan Miczowski when he asked her if it was okay that he hadn’t brought a condom along. “‘Do I know I have cum all over my face?’ Honestly, what the fuck even made you think it was okay to ask that question? Just because I’m not exclusive right now doesn’t mean you can just blurt out dirty talk in the middle of our study session and I’ll take off all my clothes off for you.”

She rolled her eyes and leaned back against the bed, her lips pursed tightly in annoyance. If it wasn’t for the fact that Dave was way ahead of her in the reading, she’d kick him out of the dorm. But she’d been working too hard on biochem, got behind on her psych, and a mutual catch-up session was the only thing that was going to save both their GPAs this semester. Even so, she was going to need to lay down the law pretty fast to keep him from getting any funny ideas. Boys always got so weird when she invited them into her room, especially boys who knew that she actually admitted to enjoying sex.

Thankfully, Dave seemed to be getting the hint. He looked down at his cock sheepishly, and murmured, “You’re right, of course. It’s just that…” He blushed a little, a trace of astonishment on his face. Becky didn’t think she was that intimidating, but he acted like he’d never seen a woman behave like this before. “You do think you’re wearing clothes, then?” he asked, looking up just far enough to stare at her chest.

Becky let out a frustrated sigh. “Of course I’m wearing clothes!” she said, her fingers running over her chest to demonstrate. Her shirt felt a little weird, sort of slippery–had she spilled something on herself? The thought flickered briefly past, then faded. “Look! Do you see what I’m doing right now?” She pinched her nipples through her clothes–it wasn’t like Dave would see anything, not with her fully dressed like this. “Could I do this if I was naked, with cum all over my face and tits? Did I somehow strip naked and give you a long, sloppy blowjob until you blew your load all over me and then just forget somehow?”

Dave frowned in consternation. She could see that his cock was already hardening again, and she licked her lips unconsciously in anticipation. They tasted strangely salty, but she dismissed that as residue from the study snacks she’d been eating. Everything was completely normal around here… except for Dave, who was asking her, “So you don’t remember being hypnotized? At all?” like he was a prospector who had just found gold.

Becky lay back on the floor and spread her legs, giving Dave a good look at her cunt. If glaring at him didn’t give him the idea that this was inappropriate, maybe flashing her pussy at him would do the trick. “No, I do not ‘remember being hypnotized’, because I wasn’t hypnotized.” She stared up at the ceiling, momentarily distracted by the slowly rotating fan attached to the light fixture before going on. “I’m not hypnotized, I’m not naked, I’m not responding to a post-hypnotic trigger. Everything I’m doing right now is perfectly normal and all my own idea. Do you understand me, Dave? I’m just lying here, watching the turning fan, and not thinking about anything special at all. Sheesh.” She closed her eyes, waiting for his apology.

It didn’t take long. Only a few moments after she relaxed, she felt his cock sliding into her dripping cunt, fucking his contrition deeper into her pussy with every single thrust. It felt so good, the hot tingles pulsing up from her clit to make her head spin with delight like the spinning fan as he fucked her over and over. He was saying something else, something very important, but Becky didn’t need to listen. She just needed to relax and enjoy.

“Yes Master,” she purred, but she had already forgotten why before the words even left her mouth.

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