Do it
Just tug it down
Show everyone
It’d be so easy

The voice was always there in her head,
burbling away beneath everything else she was trying to think,
distract her, trying to trip her up. Trying to make her do things she told
herself she didn’t want to do.

Expose yourself
Let everyone
They’ll love it
It’ll make you so wet

She couldn’t remember when it had
started. At first she hadn’t noticed. Thought it was stress. Thought
she was imagining things.

You could be a camwhore
You could
make a living showing off
It’d be so easy
All the girls are
doing it

It hadn’t been stress and she wasn’t
imagining things. The voice was there. The voice was always there.
Even in her dreams now. The ones she remembered were all about the
same thing, now.

You want everyone to see
Just tug it
Just lift up your skirt
Let them all see

She told herself she was better than
the voice. That it wasn’t her. That she could beat it.

You want to be exposed
You want to
be on show
You want to be display
You want them to see

But one day she knew she’d slip up and
listen and do what the little voice said.

And that would be all it took.

And there would be no going back.