There you go. Good girl. Isn’t that

No more fighting, no more struggling,
no more trying to hold onto things you don’t need anymore. You’ve
left all of that behind you now, haven’t you? Let all of it go? Of
course you have. You’re a good girl now. I can see it. Good girl.

And isn’t this easier? Just to smile?
Just to do whatever it is I say without thinking about it? Just to
let your legs part whenever my hand rests on your hip? Just to let
your lips wrap around whichever part of me brushes against them?

don’t need to think. You never did. You just didn’t know that before.
But you do now. Good girl, good girl.

I know you were scared, I know. Scared
when you started to feel your old life fading. But that’s normal.
Everyone’s scared when they feel that. It’s okay. It had to happen.
And it’s over now, isn’t it? It’s all gone. Gone forever.

You have a new life now, don’t you? A
better life. A simpler life. Happier.

Good girl, yes. Isn’t this better?


This one reminds me of Mistress. She knows why. @askjeeveshypno