“Yes, you were absolutely correct to video conference me. That sports bra of yours is definitely causing changes.”

“No, I measured it correctly. I don’t make that kind of mistake.”

“I agree that it looks too tight. It must feel even tighter. You must be awash in sensation, feeling the elastic pressing down on the soft, sensitive flesh of your breasts. You can feel the strap cutting into your skin above the pert little nipple. Tighter and tighter. You can feel it.”

“No, the bra is not shrinking. That’s not possible. Your breasts are growing. You can feel it. They are expanding, bigger and bigger with every slow, relaxing breath you take. You can feel them pressing against the bra. Pressing harder. Firmer. Tighter.”

“Of course they cannot grow from nothing. They are drawing the willpower from your mind and filling your breasts with it. Every breath in pumps your breasts bigger. Every breath out blows out your strength. In … bigger. Out … weaker. In. Out.”

“Yes, I know you want to obey me. One more breath and then I’ll give you your first orders.”

–Requested by @pearlqueensposts

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