Hypnosis Kink Asks


1. How long have you been into hypnosis?
2. Describe your first experience with hypnosis
3. Are there any TV shows/movies/books you liked when you were younger that you think got you into hypnosis?
4. Are you primarily a hypnotist or a subject?
5. Are you primarily a dom/me or a sub?
6. What do you love about being hypnotised?
7. What do you love about hypnotising people?
8. How do you feel when hypnotised?
9. How do you feel when you hypnotise someone else?
10. Are you a difficult subject?
11. What’s your ‘signature move’ as a hypnotist?
12. What’s your favourite kind of hypnotic induction?
13. Do you like visual fixation (on spirals, eyes, swinging objects etc.) for hypnosis?
14. What are your favourite kinds of hypnosis play?
15. What other kinks do you like to incorporate into your hypno play?
16. For you, is the appeal of hypnosis primarily sexual or not?
17. What are some post-hypnotic suggestions you particularly enjoy (for others or yourself)?
18. Describe your best experience involving hypnosis
19. Describe a bad experience you had involving hypnosis? Why was it bad? Why did it go wrong?
20. What’s one tip you have for other hypnotists/subjects?
21. Do you have any tips for how to negotiate hypnosis play?
22. Do you like your hypnosis to involve power exchange, or not?
23. For you, how does hypnosis fit into a relationship? Just in the bedroom, or as part of BDSM relationship?
24. Are you interested in a 24/7 hypnotic enslavement relationship?
25. Have you ever experienced strong, sudden feelings for a hypnotist/subject? How did you deal with that?
26. Are you interested in hypnotising/being hypnotised by people of a gender you are not attracted to?
27. What’s your favourite work of hypnosis erotica?
28. What’s your favourite spiral?
29. What’s your favourite hypno-themed image/caption/piece of art?
30. What’s your favourite audio file/audio file producer?
31. What’s your favourite book/movie/TV show that includes hypnosis?
32. Describe your biggest fantasy involving hypnosis?
33. Do you have any fantasies about non-consensual hypnosis? Describe them
34. What’s one fictional character you’ve fantasised about hypnotising/being hypnotised by?
35. Do you like intelligence loss/bimbofication hypnosis? Why?
36. Do you like amnesia play? Why?
37. Do you like freeze triggers? Why?
38. Do you like pleasure triggers? Why?
39. Do you like alternate personalities created through hypnosis? Why?
40. Do you like feminization hypnosis? Why?
41. Have you ever experienced a “hands-free” orgasm as a result of hypnosis?
42. Which famous person do you think has the most hypnotic voice?
43. If you make hypnosis content, what’s your favourite piece of content you’ve made?
44. Have you ever used hypnotic conditioning to help you or someone else with a part of your/their life?
45. Have you ever been to a hypnosis convention? Did you enjoy it, or not? Why?
46. How has being involved with hypnosis/the hypno community improved your life?
47. What is one thing about the hypnosis community you think could change for the better?
48. Who is one person in the hypno community you really admire?
49. What is your favourite hypnosis-themed blog on tumblr?
50. Tag someone you’d like to see do some of these asks