(Model is Brigitte Lahaie)

Something about this magazine was curiously captivating. Even… arousing.

She didn’t know why, of course. It was nothing special, just your average magazine. She couldn’t actually remember how long ago she’d subscribed, or why, but every few months she’d get it in the mail, and there was always some headline on the front that made her glance inside, and before she knew it she’d read it cover to cover.

The article she was reading now, for instance, was full of fascinating facts and figures about… something. Something that was no doubt fascinating! But the subject drifted just out of reach of her mind. If only she read more of the article, she thought, it would surely become apparent.

The more she read, though, the more distractible she became. She noticed with a start that she had shrugged her robe open, that one hand had slipped down and started playing with her sensitive breasts. It had happened almost of its own accord, but now that she was touching herself there she didn’t want to stop. It felt so nice, and it would probably alleviate some of the ache between her legs and let her finally focus on this article, this fascinating article that she had to keep reading…

Some bits of the text sent jolts of pleasure through her body, just enough to leave her squirming and wanting more. She read on, hoping with each word that she’d get to feel that electric current to her pussy again. Unconsciously, she snaked a hand between her legs and started gently touching herself, teasing herself.

The words reverberated through her, though she couldn’t quite tell what the words were. Better just to read and play and let the article filter through her brain. Her body hummed with tension, her hand sped up its motion against her clit. She knew this article must have some fascination conclusion, some thesis or final reveal that was really explosive

The very last sentence sent her over that delicious, delicious edge. She came hard enough to see stars, gasping and clutching at the copy of Brainwashing Quarterly beside her.