“This ain’t easy, Honey-Bunny,” said Addy Sivv as she came upon Honeysuckle in the wooded glade. “But ya musta heard that Glue Gun Gary’s back in town. I know you’ll never forgive him for what he done to ya. But, well, he needs me.”

“You’re leaving me for that two-bit clown?” Honeysuckle replied. “After all he’s done to you?”

Addy Sivv couldn’t bear to meet her lover’s gaze. “Without me, he ain’t Triple-G. He’s just … Gary.”

Honeysuckle clenched her jaw. Her next breath seemed to set every leaf in the glade to trembling. “I see. Just give me a kiss good-bye, Addy-dear. One kiss and there will be no hard feelings between us.”

The insatiable insane ingenue stepped close to her lover. Closing her eyes, Addy pressed her lips against Honey’s soft, warm, delicious mouth. She moaned into the kiss immediately. A thrill of lust shot through her body, from her lips to her clit. No kiss had ever been this hot. No kiss ever could be this hot. Addy Sivv clung to Honeysuckle like a vine, desperate for every inch of their bodies to touch, her skin hungry for the pheromones that only Honeysuckle could provide.

As Addy Sivv dozed in afterglow, Honeysuckle breathed new pheromones into her lover’s mouth. New scents that would wash away the memories of old loves. By the time they had finished their “good-bye kiss”, Addy Sivv’s only feeling on the topic of her former boyfriend would be “Glue Gun who?”

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