Melissa rubbed her chin in groggy confusion, her long blonde hair cascading down her shoulders as her head slowly tilted just a little bit off to one side from the effort of trying to remember how she wound up in the bedroom of a total stranger. “I… my head feels funny,” she murmured, her bright blue eyes staring in blank bewilderment at the strange man sitting across from the bed. “Sort of sleepy, still, like… like… like I’m still kind of asleep? I, um. I don’t remember coming back here last night. With you, I mean.”

The stranger smiled. It was more of a leer, really; he couldn’t seem to keep his eyes off of her chest, and Melissa was uncomfortably aware of how thin and revealing the fabric was on the little black peignoir she was wearing. She wasn’t even sure it was hers… “You don’t remember anything?” the man asked, slouching in his chair so that his robe hung partly open. “You asked me to make you forget, but I didn’t realize you’d be that open to the suggestion. You’re an amazing subject–but of course, you knew that already.”

“Subject?” Melissa blinked heavily, her eyes drawn involuntarily to the gaudy gold chain around the man’s throat. It stirred… not memories, exactly, but a sense of unshakeable familiarity. Melissa found herself wanting to stare at it, let her gaze get lost in the captivating green gemstone that hung from it and relax. But what he was saying, what he said… “Suggestion?” She heard the uncertainty in her voice as her mind tried to process concepts that didn’t seem to make any sense.

The man just looked at her with a raised eyebrow. “Yes,” he said, a touch of condescension in his voice. “Last night I told you I was a hypnotist, and you said you’d always wanted to be turned into a mindless sex slave. You begged me to take you home and start brainwashing you into helpless, compliant obedience.” His fingers fiddled incessantly with the chain around his neck as he spoke, making one facet of the gem after another catch Melissa’s attention. “I wouldn’t do that normally, of course. But you were really insistent.”

Melissa shook her head slowly, as much in dazed incomprehension as denial. “I don’t, um… I mean I wouldn’t, I’m not…” It felt so hard to make her mind work properly, like her thoughts were pushing their way through thick molasses. The sheer effort of it was exhausting, and a part of her wanted to simply give up and stare at the sparkling emerald crystal and agree with what she was told. But she struggled to complete her vague, disjointed thought. “I don’t remember any of that,” she said at last.

“Of course you don’t,” the strange man said. “You told me you wanted to forget. You said it would be so hot to wake up confused and horny, struggling to think until your silly little brain gave up and you agreed that Master knew best. You told me that would enslave you so deeply, trying to make that fuzzy little mind of yours work and finally realizing that the truth was whatever I told you it was.” His voice was low, smooth and steady, lulling Melissa into a fog of blank, perplexed compliance as she stared at his gem and relaxed. “Surely you remember now that I’ve reminded you.”

“Uh huh,” Melissa said, her eyes still fixed on the gem. “I… I remember now.” She heard the vacant, droning tone in her voice, but it stirred nothing beyond another sense of familiarity. “I wanted you to hypnotize me. I wanted to forget. I wanted you to… to brainwash me until I believed whatever you said.” Her expression melted into a soft, sleepy smile as her shoulders slumped into relaxation. “Master… Master knows best.”

The man’s smile deepened. “Good girl. Now, take off your slip and play with your tits while I explain some other things to you. It’s okay if you don’t understand them all right away. We’ve got all weekend to help you learn.” Helplessly, mindlessly, Melissa complied.

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God that’s so devilishly evil.