“You’re an eager little slut,” he praised, opening the dresser drawer. “It’s your most endearing quality.”

“Thank you, Sir,” she preened, her eyes locked on him. “I try.” She shivered when his hand stopped, knowing what he’d found.

“I don’t think you do,” he smirked, pulling out the wand he’d instructed her to buy. “You’re just too suggestible.”

“I could stop if I wanted.” Her looked dared him, her smile just a little too bold. He brandished the toy.

“Are you sure about that? I have you for the next three days. No breaks, no interruptions. Do you really think your little mind can handle that?”

She bit her lip and her legs swung open. She was still certain, still playfully defiant. Her back straightened and she felt proud, despite the glistening anticipation gathering between her thighs.

“You still think this is a game, don’t you?” Half impressed and half amused, he checked his pocket watch. “Let’s see how feel in three hours, shall we?”

“Yes Sir!” she beamed, taking the new toy and spreading out on the bed.

She knew the rules. She wouldn’t cum without his say so. She couldn’t. She knew this wouldn’t stop, wouldn’t let up or get easier. She knew she didn’t have any control.

She also knew he loved breaking her, forcing his way into her mind, taking what was his. So she taunted and teased, pretending the thought of his throbbing cock wasn’t the only thing left in her head. He’d fuck her eventually and until then, she’d enjoy losing it all again. As she pressed the toy against her aching clit, she wondered how much of her would be left after three whole days.

That, of course, was up to him.