Stratagem thought that having a girl want to do the work of riding his cock was a nice change of pace.

He knew that other members of the Libido League valued their secret identities, but Stratagem had always found that some of the sexiest women were profoundly grateful to learn he was a superhero who had helped to save their lives. This babe–Minn? Manx? Something like that–had virtually thrown herself at him. They had barely closed the door of his apartment when she was nude.

“Sit back and relax, hero-man,” she purred as she lowered her velvet vice over his stiff shaft. “Let me make you feel the way you deserve. Just watch my eyes. Feel my skin on yours. Feel the lust rising inside of you. Feel your cock sinking inside of me. So hot. So hard. So deep. Feel the pleasure of my pussy filling your body. The deeper you go into me, the deeper my pleasure goes into you. Filling you from the inside until there’s nothing left but the pleasure. Just the pleasure and my words. No mind. No thoughts. No will. Just pleasure. And my eyes. And my voice. And your obedience.”

Stratagem gazed helplessly into Mynx’s eyes as the supervillainess put him through his paces.

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