It’s Cold Outside (TF)

“I’m heading out mom!” Annabelle yelled as she got ready to leave for school.

“Put on a jacket honey, it’s cold out!” Her mom yelled back to her.

Annabelle walked to her room and opened her closet, dozens of coats and jackets hung before her.

“Hmmm…which one haven’t I worn in a while…?” Annabelle questioned as she stared at the collection of clothes that she had. Eventually her eyes stopped on an unfamiliar sight.

“Huh? I don’t remember buying this one…” A black coat with a fur hood hung right in front of her, but this is a coat that she would never buy, because black was her least favorite color.

“Well, there’s a first time for everything I guess, and it does look pretty comfy…” Annabelle thought to herself as she took the jacket off of its hanger and carefully slipped it on.

“Wow, this thing is so warm, I love it! I wonder where it came from…? I guess mom may have gotten it for me.” Annabelle buttoned up the jacket and walked out her front door, hurrying so she wouldn’t be late for school.


“Gosh, mom was right, it is absolutely freezing out here, but at least this new coat is nice and warm.” Annabelle smiled as she didn’t notice her nails slowly changing color from pink polish to deep red.

As Annabelle continued to walk to school, more changes began to happen to her without her realizing. Her jeans turned into a tight pair of leggings, her pink t-shirt changed into a black tank-top, and her pink flats changed into a fluffy pair of brown Ugg boots.

Then, her body began to change as well. Her waist slimmed down until her body was the perfect hourglass shape, she grew taller until she went from 5’2” to 5’8”, and finally her breasts grew from an A cup to a C. This last change finally caught the attention of the oblivious girl.

“Whoa! Wait, what on Earth is happening to me?! Why is my body changing?!” After a slight freak-out, Annabelle finally realized that it must be the strange coat that is doing it to her.

“I have to get this thing off before something even worse happens to me! ….Ugh! Why won’t my arms move?” Annabelle tried her hardest to unbutton the coat, but her arms just would not listen to what her brain was telling her.

“Am I going to be stuck like this forever? I hate this…” Tears welled up in the corner of Annabelle’s eyes, but just then a huge gust of wind blew the hood of the coat over Annabelle’s head.

“NO!” As soon as the hood covered her head, her short brown hair quickly lengthened to ass length blonde hair, and makeup began to apply itself all over her face.

“No no no no no no, I don’t want this! Please! I don’t want this…… I don’t…want this……to stop….” Annabelle closed her eyes tight, and a large smile crossed her lips as she finally began to accept what was happening to her.

“Why the hell was I complaining? Look at how damn sexy I am now! The boys at school will want to be all over me! Hah! This coat is fucking amazing!” As the last of her resistance shattered, Annabelle walked through the front doors of the school.


“Umm…excuse me…are you new here?” Ashley, Annabelle’s friend, asked her.

“Hey Ash! What’s wrong, don’t recognize your new hot best friend?” Annabelle grinned.

“Annabelle?! What happened to you?!” Ashley stared in shock at the new girl that stood before her.

“Something amazing, that’s what happened to me. By the way, call me Annie.”

“Okay Annabel-…Annie…Can I, um, borrow your coat after school? I left mine at home…” Ashley nervously asked her ‘best friend’.

“Sure bestie, anything for you.” Annie grinned.