phoning it in



Courtney felt soooo much better! The buzzing in her headset had been driving her crazy! She didn’t think she’d last a week at this telemarketing job. She’d asked for a replacement headset but the buzzing persisted. She’d had such a headache!

And then Bill had given her an aspirin and a bottle of water without her even asking.  She had not liked her supervisor when she met him, but he had thrown her a life line and she took it gratefully.

Why had she never taken aspirin before? It was a game changer! She hadn’t thought she had suffered from headaches before, but maybe she had! It was like this was the first time in her life she hadn’t hurt!

So when Bill quietly set two more on her desk half an hour later, of course she took them.  They actually made this job pleasant!  The buzz in her headset was still there, but it wad really kind of relaxing. Why had she let it bother her before?

The scripts she had to read didn’t annoy her anymore either. She just said what was in front of her.  She didn’t have to think about it, did she? Wasn’t that the best part of the job, not having to think? The screen told her what to say and her wonderful manager kept bringing her aspirin so her headache didn’t come back.

After a while, she didn’t even know if she was calling about aluminum siding or home security systems or extended auto warranties.  Really, she didn’t have to think about what she was saying. The screen told her.  She was more focused on the happy little buzz in her headphones. It was like her little friend!


Courtney had broken up with her boyfriend and moved in with one of the girls from work.  Dave just didn’t understand that her career was important to her.  Of course she had to come in early and stay late sometimes, or pick up weekend shifts. She was a professional!

Besides, outside of work, she sometimes started…thinking. Bill had given her a bottle of aspirin to keep the headaches from coming back, the headaches she now realized came from thinking to hard about stuff.  But it wasn’t nearly so easy to shut her thoughts off when she wasn’t at work.

Bill had been very sympathetic when he found out she and Dave broke up.  He told her it was impressive how dedicated she was to her career.  He invited her to his office to discuss advancement opportunities after her shift.

Which was really fortuitous  since all day long “to get ahead you’ve got to give some head” had been runnin get brought him rio otherwise empty mind.  It seemed like the perfect opportunity to test the idea!

And sure enough, one vigorous blow job later, Courtney had been promoted. It didn’t come with a pay raise, but it did come with two more colors of aspirin.


One month later, Courtney was amazed by how far she had advanced, it really paid to fuck the bosses! She didn’t have to do outgoing calls any more. All she did was answer the phone and answer questions about her titties, which had gotten so much bigger recently, which made them fun to talk about, or her pussy, which had turned blonde at the same time her head had, or her ass, which he could honestly say craved cock deep inside it.


Not that she had to think of what to say about her various yummy parts.  There was a script.  No thinking needed. And mostly, she didn’t even have to read. She just had to listen to what the nice mean wanted to do to her and giggle and squeal and beg for it, depending on what the emoji on the screen told her was the best response.

It really was better this way. Bill had even gotten her special glasses that could project the words and emojis when she wasn’t working. That way when Bill or one of the other bosses was fucking her, she didn’t have to think about how to best respond.  She just had to follow the script.