Platinum Panther had worked hard to get the mask perfect. It had been difficult to build her original super-powered armor. But miniaturizing usable tech that would protect her identity and her mind and hiding it inside the flimsy “hostess” costumes worn by the hostesses of the Indoctrinated Circle was far more difficult.

Regardless, Platinum Panther had done it. She had slipped inside and would now bring this group of slavers to justice.

Of course, justice had to come at the right time. Now was the time to fuck. The head of the Circle had said so.

As Platinum Panther bounced blissfully on the cock of one of the Circle’s members, she began to wonder if perhaps her protection against the Circle’s mind control could have used some more beta testing.

But the next thrust brought another wave of pleasure surged through her body and washed every doubt from her mind. Platinum Panther was certain as long as she kept her mask on, she could do anything the Circle told her to do and she’d be safe.

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