We Have Chemistry

“You have to change me back now”, I told John, “I have a date tonight.” The feminine voice escaping my lips was still startling to hear, and I couldn’t help to grimace as I talked. Despite John assuring me that I was “lucky to be a part of his groundbreaking expirement” and that I should be “happy to experience life as a gorgeous woman for awhile”, thinking about it too much made me sick to my stomach.

Unsurprisingly, John laughed at my plea and patted me on the head before leaving the room. He promised to change me back to my male self, but now he told me I would have to wait until after he presented his findings to his benefactors.

I was left sitting alone and waiting for John to return from his call while the hours ticked by. I was bored and nervous. Scared I would miss my date, and unable to distract myself from my current situation. Every time my mind wandered, I was brought back by the sight of the curvy body I know inhabited.

When only three hours before my date remained, I finally decided to do something. With a plan in mind, I got up and snuck toward John’s storage room where I knew he hid his tools and his original notes from the expirement.

Peaking around the corner, I could see him on his computer with several rich-looking men. Across the hall from him was his storage room, and I was surprised to see my target resting out in the open. I did my best not to cheer audibly, but the jiggle of breasts on my chest spurred me to hurry.

I grabbed the tools and headed outside. Some of the chemical he used to cause the change still remained, so I just had to hook everything up. Dealing with hair in my eyes was a new annoyance, but my small, feminine hands actually made the work easier.

It wasn’t until I was trying to push the last piece into place that I ran into trouble. I originally helped John assemble it, but much of my strength vanished when it was replaced by female curves.

I attempted to force it into place, but the part flew from my hands and hit the side of the house. Immediately, I heard footsteps from inside the house. I did my best to hurry, but before I could succeed, John was in the doorway.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing”, he yelled, “I have millions of dollars worth of investment on the line right now.”

I tried to protest, but the situation got the best of me. Between the stress and the new hormones stirring in my body, all I could muster we’re gasps and tears.

Through my blurry eyes, I saw John’s expression soften before his hand reached out to me.

“I didn’t realize what was happening”, he said, “I think it’s time to show you something he said.” His hand grabbed mine and he led me back inside. As I began to calm down, a new event set me back.

Before my butt hit the couch cushions, I was already met with the sight of my friend’s penis. My mouth dropped open as I fought confusion and laughter.

“What are you doing”, I laughed.

He met my laugh with his own and responded, “I forgot to tell you that the expirement isn’t over. Just touch it, and you’ll see.”

He shook his body, waving his penis back and forth.

“Stop it”, I giggled, “I’m not going to touch your giant cock!”

He continued to move and shake, his hard penis jumping up and down in a hypnotic pattern. As it moved, I started to feel light-headed and woozy, and panic set in

“Stop it”, I yelled. My hand shot out to dampen the movement, and I suddenly found myself holding my friend’s penis, his thick shaft barely contained by my tiny hands. The light-headed feeling spread to a tingling in my body, and I could hear giggling building in my throat again.

“There you go, girl!” I heard John’s voice booming. “I’m sure you know what to do next.”

I just stared as my hands gripped the man in front of me. I thought about pulling back, but it felt so natural. I even felt pleasure radiating from the places where our skin met. It built and built until I I started to move my hand to try to get more contact.

“You told us she would be sucking it within seconds”, said a voice I realized was coming from the computer in the corner of the room, “that may have been an oversell.”

At the man’s statement, I giggled and considered his words. The pleasure was facing from the palm of my hands, and his idea made me think may be able to get it back.

My mouth salivated as I brought my mouth close John’s cock, and I could hear clapping and whistling coming from the computer’s microphone. When his tip entered my mouth, my mind went blank, and I couldn’t focus on anything else but the task at hand and the wetness building between my thighs.

It was the taste. The smell of his musk. The feeling as his thick shaft slid down my virgin throat. Everything sensation was incredible. Goose bumps dotted my skin and my nipples stood out under my shirt as I licked and sucked.

“Did you hear that”, John asked.

I looked up at him to see the lust in his eyes, shaking my head as saliva dripped from my lips. I thought about answering him, but his grunts urged me to keep those lips wrapped tightly around him.

“The investors we’re wondering when you would get to fucking me”, he said .

With his cock snaking down my throat, I considered what sex would feel like as a woman. As I did, the pleasure in my mouth began to numb. I tried to win it back by taking him even deeper, but the tingling in my body shifted downward to my legs.

By the time it reached my thighs, I already had my shirt over my head. A second later I was offering my naked body to John, as I begged him to take me. The feeling turned to a burning, leading me to cry out until he finally plunged into me and relieved the torture.

As he pummeled my tight, dripping pussy, my focus started to return. Thoughts of my real identity returned, but each time I tried to stop grinding my hips into him, my mind became foggy. I would forget my goal, and soon I would be pushing deeper and faster than before.

When I finally gave into my fate, I was greeted with a wonderful feeling. My body shook and shuddered as I impaled myself on him. For the first time, I considered life as a woman. A life where I could wrap men around my fingers, and demand my pleasure from them.

As I turned to to see John’s face, I heard him say, “don’t worry, gentleman. There’s no real way for her to change back.” I couldn’t help but smile as I felt him enter me a second time.