It’s just a few drops of cum. What does it matter? thought Argent after the incident in the alley.

The superheroine had heard a man groaning. Thinking he was in pain, she approached to help. Argent was surprised to find the man’s fly open and his hand pumping his naked cock. She was even more surprised when ropes of sticky, white jism spattered across her skin.

The heroine ignored the warm droplets on her skin as she studied the man, bundled in ragged old clothes. “Are you all right, sir? Are you hurt, sir?”

Maybe he’s frightened of me, Argent thought I’m obviously a powerful heroine. Maybe he needs to see that I’m no threat. She stripped off her costume, revealing her beautiful curves to the night air. Al the while, she was careful to never disturb the steamy white droplets on her neck.

“I’m not going to hurt you, sir. What do you need of me, sir?” she said, sinking to her knees so she wouldn’t intimidate the man. When he finally looked at her, Argent gasped. The warm, sticky sensation of lust spread from the seed on her neck throughout her entire body.

“How may I serve you, sir?” Argent said, her voice as open as her expression was helpless.

Piledriver threw off his old clothes and stood before the bewitched heroine. “First thing’s first. That’s a pitiful pearl necklace you have there. You dodged most of my jizz. Let’s get you good and sticky. Open up and say ‘ahh’!”

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