Stratagem had it all figured out. He was a genius tactician. He knew that it was Crimson Carnality’s magick that kept his eyes from leaving the entrancing bounce of her breasts. Stratagem was sure that Foundation had already been enthralled by the way his super-powered shaft thrust in and out of Crimson Carnality’s dripping cunt. He was certain that the spell that kept his own hand relentlessly stroking his own cock was temporary.

Although not a sorcerer, Stratagem knew that magick could not be made permanent without some part of the target–something like hair, or blood, or semen. Without question, Crimson Carnality could not enslave him unless he came. He just had to figure a way out before the desperate longing in his cock exploded in hot spurts of lust all over the supervillainess’s glistening body.

A reliable way to deny his own orgasm was the only thing Stratagem had never figured out.

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