“Does it take less than a hundred licks to get to the center of a superheroine?”

It was an absurd question, but when Allie Kaza’am said it, something about the inviting tone of her voice, and the sexy curl of her lips, and the naughty twinkle in her eye made the question irresistible.

“Ninety-six … oooh … ninety-seven … aaahh!”

Which explained why Lodestone was naked and spread before Allie Kaza’am’s convincing tongue. Something about the villainess’s technique of laving her labia and teasing her clit made it nearly impossible for the mighty magnetic maiden to keep counting. Her body already was on fire with lust, but she knew that if she came before reaching a hundred, Allie Kaza’am would win.

“Ninety-eight … oh, fuck! oh, fuck! … Ninety-oooh-nine … AAAAHHH!”

As Lodestone trembled in the throes of a toe-curling orgasm, she couldn’t remember why losing was a bad thing.

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