“Argent, Sable. What brings the Delectable Duo to the offices of a handsome and law-abiding businessman like myself?” said Terence Tartarus as the two superheroines strutted in from the balcony of his top-floor office. He pressed a button and the glass door slid closed behind them.

“Cut the crap, Tartarus!” snapped Argent. “We know you’re days away from perfecting an aerosol aphrodisiac that could put the city on its back!”

“We’re here to take you down, for good this time!” said Sable, adding a little huff of air for emphasis.

“I don’t know where you get your information, but I assure you I am not ‘days away’ from any breakthrough like that,” Tartarus replied. “I’m sure you must have a million questions. You could take me down to the police station to talk about them. And I could summon my league of lawyers and say nothing. But that sounds like a waste of everyone’s time, doesn’t it? It’s surely not the most important thing, is it?”

“Just what would you say the most important thing is?” Argent asked, her cheeks flushed red.

“Oh, I’d say the most important thing is watching you kiss Sable,” Tarataus said.

“Wha–” Argent’s words were cut off as Sable‘s mouth found hers in a kiss smouldering with passion.

“Keep breathing and kissing, ladies.” Tartarus mocked as he watched the heroines submit to their lusts. “Take that aerosol deep into your lungs and then we’ll talk about whether you need to wear those garish costumes … or anything at all.”

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