There’s an interesting power dynamic in this photo. One man on his knees, devoted to the woman’s pleasure. She’s awash in her own bliss, but also standing up to the other man, with a challenging tilt to her chin. He’s got his hand at her throat, because he thinks he’s in charge, but she’s really holding him by the balls (literally)!

There’s a similar scene in my Libido League novel Club Absinthe where Mnemonica, the telepathic superheroine, has been conditioned to work for the bad guys. She and a small-time supervillain called Nervewracker (who can control people’s nerves with a touch) have been sent to capture Mnemonica’s teammate from the Libido League, the hero called Foundation. What better way to distract a hero than with sex?

Foundation was
thick and hard as he came up behind me once more. He rubbed his cock
over my swollen pussy lips. I moaned. Inch by massive inch, he eased
his shaft into my steaming crease. He was so patient, and so big! I
felt so full I could barely breathe. Every inch of me vibrated with
raw, aching lust.

I could barely
believe I was able to take all of Foundation’s cock. He began to
thrust into me, slow and gentle. I could sense how concerned he was
about hurting me, but I wanted him and I wanted him now!

“I’m not made of
glass, Fernando. I’m a superhero, too. Fuck me like you mean
” I said.

Cheshire,” he said as he fucked me faster and harder. He was still
careful not to use his super-strength with any thrust. I couldn’t
help myself from moaning with passion. Each thrust set off a wave of
pleasure that engulfed my senses in bliss. Wave after wave drowned me
in sensation. I was like a single nerve pulsing with nothing but sex.
I thrust my hips in time with his, to increase our movement of bliss.
I could feel my orgasm building within me, burning hotter and hotter.
My skin was on fire. My soul had become liquid lust.

I screamed my voice
raw, “Oh, fuck! Don’t stop! Don’t stop!”

He stopped.

I kept pounding my
hips back and forth on his cock. “Fuck me, Fernando! Please!
I said.

“He can’t,”
said Nervewracker. “The world’s strongest man can’t move a muscle.
But I bet he wants to!” The supervillain laughed.

had shitty timing … as usual!

Being so horny made
it difficult for me to focus, but I forced myself to reach out
telepathically to Foundation. I could feel his powerful muscles
locked up tight by Nervewracker’s precision strikes. His eyelids
refused to open and his ears had gone silent. Lust still boiled
throughout his body, burning so hot with desire that he barely
noticed his paralysis. Please, Cheshire, Foundation thought,
Please make love to me. Please let us cum together!

I clenched my pussy
tight around his rod and heard him grunt. I rocked my hips back and
forth hard and fast, driven to desperation by both my own lust and
Foundation’s. I needed to at least give my team mate and friend the
orgasm he craved before betraying him to Club Absinthe.

laughed wickedly. “Fuck him all you want, you little psychic slut.
He’s just a rock-hard blowup doll now. He can’t move. He can’t cum. I
bet you’re just trying to get yourself off now, you filthy
whore. His cock’s huge and you can’t get enough, can you?”

I stopped my
rocking and looked up at Nervewracker. With more desperation in my
voice than I wanted, I said, “What do you mean, ‘he can’t cum’?”

I don’t know what
was more revolting, the way Nervewracker leered at me, or the way he
rubbed his cock through his pants. “I pinched all the nerves that
would allow him to orgasm. He can’t cum. He’ll stay hard as a
rock for hours, though. Better than Viagra!”

Foundation thought, I
need you.
I started moving my
hips again, slowly. Pleasure bloomed through both our bodies.

“Fix it, you
bastard!” I growled at Nervewracker between moans. “Mmmmmm. Let
him cum.”

“What’s will you
do for me?” he asked.

I shot him a
hate-filled glare. But as I rocked backward onto Foundation’s cock, I
knew that the pleasure was softening the look on my face. “Ooooh.
You are evil!” I rocked again, Foundation’s cock raising fireworks
along my G-spot. How can I stay angry when I’m so horny?
“Aaaah. Fine! You win! I’ll suck your pencil dick.”

He stepped in front
of me and dropped his pants. His cock was already stiff, bobbing
before me. “Not just suck it, Mnemonica. Beg to suck it!”

“Oooh. You are
such a loser!” I said. But there was no turning back.
Foundation needed me. And I needed to cum. “Please let me …
aaaaahhhh … suck your dick.”

“C’mon! Club
Absinthe’s brainwashed bimbos are more convincing. Say it like you
mean it!” Nervewracker said as he reached over and tapped
Foundation’s ears.

What an asshole!
But he was an asshole that held my orgasm, and Foundation’s, in
the palm of his hand. Pride be damned, I groveled for what I needed.
I didn’t need to read his mind to know what he wanted to hear.
“Please, Nervewracker! I want to suck your cock. Give it to me. I
want to run my tongue all over it. I want to taste your salty spunk
as I suck you deep into my throat. Villain cock is the best cock!”

As I babbled my
litany of humiliating dirty talk, two things happened:

First, Nervewracker
ran his fingers through my hair, the rhythm of his caresses matching
that of my words. Each featherlight touch on my scalp was like a
stroke on my clit. He was using his power to make it feel good
to beg him. The more I humiliated myself on my knees before him, the
more turned on I felt!

Nervewracker had returned Foundation’s hearing. My friend and team
mate was forced to listen to my groveling for Nervewracker’s tiny
cock while I was riding his massive shaft. Foundation and I still
shared a psychic bond. Telepathically, I could feel his shock at what
I was saying. His image of me would never be the same. That was even
more humiliating.

Which, thanks to
Master Tartarus’s conditioning, made it even hotter.

“Ooooh, fuck.
Please, Nervewracker! I need your cock to live. Spit-roast me with
Foundation. Treat me like the lying, backstabbing slut I am! Show me
the only thing heroines are good for! Let’s finish what we came here
to do! Fuck my throat, you sexy bastard! Let me–”

stepped forward and I slurped his dick into my mouth. So soon after
deep-throating Foundation’s massive shaft, the villain’s cock felt
almost dainty. But feeling how low I had stooped set my body aflame
with passion. I moaned around his cock as I resumed vigorously
rocking my hips up-and-down on Foundation’s cock.

“Ooooh, she’s
good, Foundation,” Nervewracker said. “You don’t want to miss
this show!” With a tap of his fingers, he released his hold on
Foundation’s eyelids.

Telepathically, I
caught a glimpse of what my fellow hero saw: The heroine he had
trusted on her knees, fucking herself on his cock as she eagerly
sucked off the supervillain that had paralyzed him. Foundation’s
sense of betrayal burned nearly as hot as his lust. Every moment of
friendship we had shared, every hint of the crush he had harbored for
me crumbled to ash as Foundation realized what a worthless,
sex-starved slut I really was.

Despite my shame, I
couldn’t stop fucking or sucking. I needed to cum more than anything.
The humiliation made the need sharper, made the sex hotter.
Nervewracker wrapped his hands around my head, twining his magic
fingers into my still-wet hair. With a single squeeze, he set off an
explosion of bliss throughout my body. My every muscle seized in the
throes of orgasm.

The pleasure burned
so white-hot that my flesh couldn’t contain it. My psychic powers
broadcast my ecstasy to anything with a nervous system. Foundation
let out a strangled groan as he came, pumping hot cum deep into my
sizzling cunt. My telepathic projection was so intense, it even bled
through Nervewracker’s psychic shield technology. Shoving his dick as
far down my throat as he could, Nervewracker came, as well. My mouth
filled with the salty tang of his cum, spurting hot and wild.

Libido League #10, Club Absinthe,
is available now at Smashwords
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