“You can feel it, can’t you?” She stood at perfect attention and stared into his eyes with unwavering intensity, her gaze locked onto his but her mind utterly intent on his fingers stroking her pubic mound. “You can feel the heat building. Growing. Spreading. The heat is spreading up through every single nerve, flowing together until it goes right up your spine in one great big shiver, right up to your brain. Isn’t that right, pretty girl?”

She whispered, “yes, Sir,” her voice already so shaky that she didn’t trust herself to speak at any kind of volume. Even with nothing more than a sigh behind it, she could hear her whimpers shift into a higher register as his middle finger rubbed through the channel between her slick labia and brushed around the hood over her clitoris. Her legs felt wobbly, but the sheer power in his stare seemed to hold her in place while he teased her. She felt like she was already hypnotized, even though he hadn’t used an induction of any kind on her yet. Then again, she knew that she was so wonderfully, blissfully susceptible to his trances that he didn’t need to hypnotize her to put her under.

“That’s right,” he purred, his hand strumming her vulva with an almost lazy confidence. “The heat gets into your head. It melts your brain, softening all those thoughts like chocolate on a warm summer’s day. Until your mind begins to lose its shape, turning all slick…” He dipped his index finger into her soft, wet folds. “And liquid…” He pushed all the way in, then pulled out to rub her mound with her own musk. “And ready for me to mold. Say ‘yes’ again, pet.”

She sighed helplessly. “…yes Sir…” she moaned, her body trembling as she held herself perfectly still for him to tease. She remembered worrying once that he would find her boring if all she did was repeat ‘yes Sir’, over and over again, but he’d long since fucked that concern out of her head. Now she understood that a good girl was never more pleasing than when she mindlessly accepted her Master’s will, and a good girl never felt more aroused than when she was pleasing her Master. There were whole days when she wasn’t allowed to hold a single thought in her head beyond ‘yes Sir’ now, and she loved every single one of them.

“That’s my good girl. That’s my obedient girl. That’s my brainwashed girl.” He had two fingers inside her now, thrusting in and out of her drooling cunt, and she was so turned on that she could actually hear them squishing with every single push. “Your sweet, soft mind has melted all the way down into your pussy, dripped down onto my fingers, and you know you’re about to come it all away for me now, aren’t you. Is my good little fucktoy going to come her brains out for Master now?” He had an indulgent smile on his face, like he was giving a little treat to a cherished pet simply to watch her wriggle with happiness.

And she was wriggling. Despite her best efforts, despite even the iron control of his hypnotic eyes pinning her in position, she was shuddering with helpless pleasure now. She could feel it filling up her mind, saturating her like a sponge until the liquid bliss soaked into every single opening and swamped every thought in ecstasy. “y-yesssirrr…” she moaned, her eyes rolling back in her head and her head wobbling on her shoulders as the pure euphoric drug of her arousal overtook her groggy brain.

“Good girl.” His voice was suddenly forceful, irresistible in her ears. “COME.” She sagged forward into his arms, unable to hold herself upright as the waves of orgasmic bliss pounded her mind into oblivion. He gathered her up and held her, his fingers still working away at her cunt, whispering in her ears as he rocked her into a deep and mindless trance of pure, empty joy. “That’s my good girl,” he said. “That’s my good girl. So empty. So deep. So blank. You want to think Master’s thoughts now, don’t you?”

She had only one reply. “yes Sir,” she said, her lips spreading into a thoughtless smile as she sank even deeper into his will.

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