Which is hotter and/or more effective: crystals or spirals?




Hotter, crystals. I’ve always found pretty and fascinating. Take the pretty rock, attach it to a string, and drop me with it even better. Plus I have a thing for old timy things, because I’m dirty hypstier.

More effective, I don’t know. All the hypnosis scenes I’ve done so far has been kinesthetic, hair inductions for the win. However, based on potential experience crystals might be the most effective. I can probably count the number of effect spiral gifs on one hand.

Thank you for the ask!

What is a hair induction? My Mistress @ms-silk conditioned me to drop into trance when she strokes my hair. But I wonder what you mean by hair induction. I’m intrigued.

Hair stroking, playing with hair, is a form of a hair induction. There is also hair pulling which is just fantastic. It’s hard to explain why hair pulling is so good. However, I think it has to do with even more loss of control, the physical closeness, and other stuff.

Mistress has done hair-pulling inductions on me a couple times, they’re fun!