“Come on Paul!!!! This is embarrassing!!!”


“You know what!!! Just unfreeze me so I can put my top back on!”

“I can’t do that, I’m not done taking pictures.”

“Well hurry up!!! People could turn up at any moment!”


“I’m topless!!!”

“That’s nothing… In a minute, you won’t even have your bottom on. I want a full strip down for my photoshoot.”

“What?!? I thought it would only be a few tasteful shots!”

“And they are… marvelous shots… Besides, you won’t refuse me will you?”

“You know I can’t…”

“And you know you can’t… Besides… Don’t act like this isn’t getting horny… All WET and HORNY…”

“Oh fuck! Stop using that trigger!!”

“See? Hhhmmmm…. Change of plans… Now you are getting ME horny… In a few minutes, not only will you be naked, but my cock will be deep inside your pussy. I’m going to pound you silly. For all to see… You won’t be able to cum of course… But I will… All over your tits and face… For everyone to see… How does that make you feel?”



“So fucking horny!!!”

“That’s my little fuckpuppet… Now smile!”