Contortioness had always been focused on exactly one thing: Getting into the Libido League. Her fantastic flexibility and amazing acrobatic acumen would surely win her a place on the team of the world’s greatest defenders of life, freedom, and pleasure.

So, when the League member Stratagem asked her to “try out” for the League, Contortioness was only too happy to comply. She followed Stratagem’s every suggestion.

Of course he can see my moves better if I’m naked, she thought as she stripped out of her costume.

Of course he can better observe my muscle tone if I’m coated in oil, she thought as she rubbed the slick stuff over her tender flesh.

Of course holding this pose while Stratagem watches turns me on, she thought as she stared at her heels, her breath coming in short pants laden with arousal.

Of course I’ll fuck Stratagem in order to get into the Libido League, she thought as she felt her pussy grow damp.

Contortioness was focused on exactly one thing: Getting a member of the Libido League into her.

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