Two graphics that explain active consent

Single most important graphic I will ever reblog.

Stories I’ve been hearing tell me this isn’t as widespread as it should be. This graphic needs to be plastered all over the pages of the hypnosis, bimbo, pet play, DD/lg, and any other kink’s community that happens to have two people playing together. Heck, even SFW blogs need this graphic. This doesn’t just apply to us. It applies to everyone. Reblog it with this caption, reblog it by itself, I don’t care. But this needs to be spread everywhere.

But, because my immediate audience is hypno people, I’ll speak with you:

Hypnosis is a very unique kink, since it doesn’t need to be done in person, there are a huge variety of ways if can be used with two people not in the same room. Cherish that, and protect it. We’re used to the term suggestion in this community too.

Consent isn’t a suggestion. It’s a must. Not just an idea that comes up once in a while either. It’s a constant state of being aware of the other person, and knowing they’re enjoying what you’re doing together.

There are lots of dehumanizing things on different Tumblr pages about “Aspiring to be less,” or “Accepting your natural state,” or some other mantra, but that doesn’t mean that feelings magically go away when people post that stuff. People come here to escape, more often than not. Real people. That doesn’t mean you get to hypnotize them, or harass them, or demand for them to hypnotize you. They are real people behind the screen, posting and reblogging stuff and hoping to interact with someone who understands them. Be polite, be understanding, help them out, and accept that “no” really, truly, and unequivocally means “no”.

My number one rule in life and Internet interaction remains the same. Don’t be an asshole.

That means don’t violate consent.

Reblogs for the morning crowd.

And again, one more time for the folks all the way in the back.

And now a word about reality. Everything else I post here is fantasy. Be real.

A reminder about real people and the real world.

Consent is essential. Every time. All the time.